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The Power of a Smile

Most of us are keenly aware that when we meet new people, one of their first impressions of us is our smile. A smile that radiates confidence and happiness instantly creates a positive impression on others and boosts one’s own self-esteem. Dr. Nicole Mackie, DDS, MS, FACP, surgical prosthodontist and owner of Dental Implant Specialty Center, is dedicated to helping her patients achieve a smile they love. With nearly two decades of experience, thousands of elated patients and numerous degrees and licenses, Dr. Mackie has become a highly sought-after provider of dental implants attracting not only patients from Las Vegas but from all over the world.

Real Vegas Magazine > Greatest Medical Minds Issue, page 60: quick link
Dr. Mackie, The Power of a Smile, Real Vegas Magazine
Dr. Nicole Mackie Prosthodontist Las Vegas

Dr. Nicole Mackie

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