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What is sleep sedation dentistry?

Pain and anxiety control, using various techniques of regional (local) anesthesia, all forms of sedation, and general anesthesia, have been an integral part of the practice of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery since the inception of the specialty. Anxiety, fear, and pain are concerns because each is inherent in the patient's reaction to the proposed treatment. All three must be controlled satisfactorily during the perioperative period to permit safe and effective completion of the surgical procedure. These anesthesia criteria have been developed to maximize safety and minimize risk for patients.

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Types of sedation:

Methods used by certified specialist doctors to control the pain and anxiety of patients treated in outpatient facilities such as our ambulatory surgery center.

  • Minimal Sedation

  • Moderate Sedation/Analgesia (Conscious Sedation)

  • Deep Sedation/Analgesia

  • General Anesthesia

Is sleep dentistry safe?

The practitioner's selection of a particular technique for controlling pain and anxiety during a specific procedure has to be individually determined for each patient, considering the risks and benefits for each case.

We will review your personal needs to determine which route is most effective for your comfort and health in order to “sleep” during your procedure.

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