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Dr. Nicole Mackie Prosthodontist Las Vegas Nevada

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dental implant

Get a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nicole Mackie

Dr. Nicole Mackie Prosthodontist Las Vegas Nevada


dental implant specialist

Get a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nicole Mackie

Dr. Nicole Mackie Prosthodontist Las Vegas Nevada
Doctor Nicole Mackie Dental Implant

Your smile deserves

the best prosthodontist in Las Vegas


Dr. Mackie uses the revolutionary All-on-Four dental implant method that can restore your smile in a single visit.

Dental implants are the permanent solution to the temporary problem of tooth loss.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the all-around best choice for patients with missing teeth or severe dental issues.

Contrary to dentures, dental implants are a permanent solution and offer superior results that look natural.

Rejuvenation Program

Upgrade your current resin implant bridge teeth to a stronger long lasting material called porcelain zirconia.

This material will not wear down, chip or break out of your bridge and is natural looking.

Hygiene Program

This is new age hygiene! No more cavities or periodontal disease.

We will perform an oral cancer screening, take necessary x-rays, check all your implants, abutments, bridges, screws and more.

Sleep Dentistry

We will review your personal needs to determine which route is most effective for your comfort and health in order to “sleep” during your procedure.

Minimal Sedation, Moderate Sedation/ Analgesia (Conscious Sedation), Deep Sedation/ Analgesia and General Anesthesia

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstructions combine esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.

Full mouth crowns and/or veneers will essentially provide not only a "smile makeover", but improved chewing efficiency.

Injectables & Fillers

Injectables help improve the appearance of your lips and surrounding tissue.

Both dermal fillers and Botox are minimally invasive, aren’t surgical procedures, and are done right here in the dental chair.

Dr. Nicole Mackie

Dental Implant Specialist

Founded by Dr. Nicole Mackie, a visionary dentist in Las Vegas, we are the premier provider for cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants, in Las Vegas and the Clark County area. While we also provide a full schedule of general dentistry and preventative care, our specialty is restoring smiles the right way and we are here to make you love your smile. Our team is committed to investing every ounce of our energy and talent into making sure you receive personalized care. It starts with the initial contact—our patient consultants will take the time to get to know you and your dental concerns. We take those concerns to heart and focus treatment to result in a solution that enhances your life.

Your smile deserves the best dentist in Las Vegas

Our smile is the cornerstone of our self-confidence, of how we are perceivedؚ—a healthy smile is vital for living.  We take pride in our work, always seek improvement, and treat every patient like family. It is that work ethic and patient approach that results in being at the top of our field. Additionally, when the focus is on patient satisfaction and quality care, you don’t worry about position—everything falls into place.

For many people, visiting a dentist in Las Vegas is considered a chore they’d rather not be burdened with. We decided to make it an experience people would look forward to—not one to dread. The way we’ve accomplished this is through patient-centric treatment. What we mean by that, is we approach everything from the patient’s perspective.

Putting patients first

That starts with our welcoming atmosphere which is both comfortable and serves a purpose. As a patient, you are already dreading a visit to the dentist. So, we took initiative to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, like someone’s home—not a clinic. You are instantly more at peace when you walk in and this sets the stage for a relaxing experience.

Our support staff is thoroughly trained not just in the technical skills needed, but also the patient experience. We train our staff to be empathetic and service-oriented so we can put patients at ease during their procedures. It is our belief that a good visit to any dentist in Las Vegas begins with proper disposition. This is why our dental assistants and hygienists receive so much training on patient interaction, not just the basics. If you feel relaxed, at ease, and genuinely cared for when visiting Dr. Mackie—then we have fulfilled our goals.

The best dentist in Las Vegas needs the best tools

We also invest heavily in the most advanced technology available in the dental field. We give ourselves the best resources to provide the best results for our loyal patients. Utilizing tools such as 3D imaging, and computer-guided implant surgery, we deal in absolute precision. After all, when it comes to your smile, there is no room for error. Your smile is that important to us, and our ultimate goal is to make you love your smile.

Happy patients

“...Now, I have energy, my life back, my confidence back and my smile back! I'm so grateful to have chosen Dr. Mackie! She transformed my smile and my life forever for the better!”

Steve C.