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Is coffee bad for your teeth?

The short answer is yes — sorry.

“Coffee is heavily acidic, which can actually work to weaken teeth over time by causing them to be more brittle and susceptible to tooth and enamel erosion,” said Dr. Nicole Mackie, a Las Vegas-based prosthodontist and founder of Dental Implant Specialty Center. “Enamel erosion can lead to tooth discoloration, sensitivity and also has an increased risk of cavities.”

Dr. Mackie suggests chasing coffee with water.

“Rinsing your mouth with water will help wash away any leftover coffee particles and reduce the amount of time the coffee pigments have direct contact with your teeth,” Dr. Mackie said. “This is important to mitigate the potential risk of staining.”

For best results, Dr. Mackie suggests:

  1. Finishing your cup of coffee.
  2. Take a few sips of water.
  3. Swish.
  4. Swallow.

“This will help dilute and remove any leftover coffee residue,” Dr. Mackie said. “Drinking water in general and staying hydrated can promote saliva production, which plays a very important role in maintaining oral health as well.”

Source: The Manual
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