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All-On-Four® / All-On-X Dental Implants In Las Vegas

All-On-Four® / All-On-X Dental Implants In Las Vegas

Are you tired of suffering from missing or misshapen teeth? Are your diet and overall health suffering due to the inability to chew or smile properly? Dr. Nicole Mackie has several cases a day that come through her doors in the same situations you are in. They know the social stigma of missing one or more teeth, misshapen teeth, and the self-image issues first hand. They all have found the help they need in Dr. Mackie, the top specialist for dental implants in Las Vegas.

Full mouth reconstruction by Dr. Mackie employs the revolutionary All-on-Four® / All-On-X method that restores your smile in one visit with minimal pain. With the use of state-of-the-art zirconium implants, she can breathe new life into your smile. Whether you are missing teeth due to serious dental trauma or misshapen teeth due to genetics—All-on-Four® / All-On-X by Dr. Mackie is your answer.

The only question though is—do you know what All-on-Four® / All-On-X is and why it’s so beneficial to patients like you?

Restoring Smiles With Dental Implants In Las Vegas

Look, it’s easy to get discouraged by the trauma and stigmatizing feeling of having a malformed smile. Whether it’s from missing teeth or misshapen teeth, it’s so overwhelming that you tend to give up hope.  But what you have to realize is—what you are suffering from is not rare and does not define you.

In fact, there are millions of people in the US alone who have one or more missing teeth. Additionally, millions also suffer from misshapen teeth or severe bite issues. If you have been dealing with any of these conditions, you may have been told about dental implants.

Many Las Vegas residents have, and they’ve changed their lives with them. If you have been looking for the best dental implants in Las Vegas—Dr. Mackie can help you too!

Patients that come to Dr. Mackie to restore their smile using the All-on-Four® / All-On-X method suffer from conditions such as:

  • Teeth that are chipped, fractured, or badly misshapen/misaligned
  • Tooth loss from decay or dental trauma
  • Severe tooth erosion due to acidic food consumption
  • Constant TMJ from a misaligned bite
  • Genetic dispositions that cause weak teeth and a propensity for decay

Dr. Mackie is more than just a dentist—pouring every ounce of care into restoring smiles, she makes a lifelong impact.  With the All-On-4® / All-On-X procedure, she is able to restore your smile and your hope in just one day!

How Is This Possible In One Day?

The All-On-Four® / All-On-X modular process is what makes this process so efficient and revolutionary. While it is still a surgical procedure—the recovery and pain are minimal. In fact, most patients return to work within 24 hours with mere Tylenol. During the actual procedure, patients are fully sedated and due to the nature of the process pain is very limited. That is the advantage of sedation implant dentistry—we make you feel very at ease and get you back to your daily life with little to no downtime.

The Revolutionary All-On-Four® Dental Implants In Las Vegas

In many cases, patients have multiple dental issues such as missing teeth combined with severe bite issues and/or misshapen teeth. For cases such as these, this procedure really shines and truly is a seamless transition to a perfect smile. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 65, full mouth reconstruction will completely change your life. Not only does it improve your smile and oral health, but also your emotional and overall health as well.

The procedure beings with a consultation and highly detailed images and molds of your mouth. These images are needed to determine jawbone health and other critical data. Once you are cleared for the procedure, all your teeth are extracted while sedated. Instead of implanting each one by one, the All-on-Four® / All-On-X method uses just four implant sites per arch. This is what eliminates much of the pain and the long downtime.

The restorations are actually very much like dentures in that they essentially are dentures. However, unlike traditional dentures that are removable—these are permanent. This is important because the dentures used here are permanently attached to the implants. Because the implants are biocompatible, they bond with your jawbone. This maintains your jawbone density and strength as it bonds to the implants. The dentures do not move, will never slip out, won’t decay, and most importantly—feel, look, and function just like real teeth. The only difference is, they are aligned, colored, and placed perfectly in your mouth for a perfect smile.

What Is A Dental Implant?

We’ve been talking about implants and this revolutionary procedure; however, many don’t know what a dental implant is. A dental implant is a bio-compatible titanium post that replaces the root of the tooth—the part hidden by the gums. Just like the original root, the implants, once anchored into the jawbone bond with the bone. That bonding is crucial as any cavity in the jawbone left by a decayed root will cause the bone to disintegrate. As your jawbone slips further into deterioration, your facial structure changes and other health problems follow.

Implants fill in the gap of those crucial roots and are quite strong and very light since it is titanium. Your body accepts it like a natural root and it becomes one with your body once bonded.  This saves the structure of your jawbone as well as offering numerous health benefits.

Dr. Mackie has performed multitudes of dental implant procedures and is a strong advocate for implants. Why? Because she knows that dentures and bridges do nothing to correct the problem of missing teeth. It actually makes things worse and can cost patients more money in the long run. The success rate is very high with dental implant surgery and life-changing.

Doctor Nicole Mackie Dental Implant Specialty Center Before And After Patient

Why We Advocate For Dental Implants In Las Vegas

All-on-Four® / All-On-X by Dr. Mackie isn’t just revolutionary due to the streamlined surgical procedure and minimal recovery.  is not only revolutionary due to its one-day surgery, and unique four implant procedure that evokes simplicity. It’s also due to the advanced materials used in the restorations themselves. While we’ve already laid out how implants benefit jawbone integrity and strength, there are even more benefits to enjoy. We heavily and openly advocate for dental implants for the betterment of our patients for the following reasons and more:

  • They Won’t Decay – Since dental implants are created from advanced biocompatible materials they will not decay or breakdown. However, you still have to prevent gum disease so proper hygiene as if with regular teeth is still required.
  • Their Durability Can Exceed That Of Natural Teeth– Dental implants that Dr. Mackie uses are the next best solution to your own teeth. However, in many cases, especially patients with genetically soft or cavity-prone teeth—they are even better.
  • No More Sloppy Dentures – If we could name one biggest relief from patients getting All-on-Four® / All-On-X to replace dentures, it would be convenience. No more sloppy adhesives, slippage at the most embarrassing moments, or speech problems. All of the fun things you have to endure with dentures—are gone with this procedure.
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You Can Smile Again With All-On-Four® / All-On-X From Dr. Mackie

There is no reason with the technology available, that you should settle for a smile that you are insecure of. If another dentist suggests dentures right off the bat, come see Dr. Mackie—dentures should only be your absolute last resort.  It is only in very rare cases where there is not enough salvageable jawbone to perform implant surgery. This is also why it’s important to act on your dental problems now, especially if you have missing teeth. The longer you wait the more your jaw deteriorates and makes implants less likely an option.

Contact Dr. Mackie’s office today and schedule a free consultation. We can show you a whole new world through a brand-new smile. Start smiling again—contact us right now!

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